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Want to know how to get Free Tights?

  • All you have to do is pimp out our website! It’s easy!

How It Works

Refer 5 Friends, Family members, work colleagues or complete strangers you met yesterday to purchase a Tights Society Subscription using your unique code, and once they have completed their purchase, we will give you a free Silver package! That’s 3 pairs of Tights Society high quality run resist Tights. Absolutely Free!

How often can you do this? Up to 6 times a year!  You could potentially supply yourself with 6 months of Tights, completely on us!

So for example, if you’re subscribed to our Silver package, we will send you out a Month for Free! If you are subscribed to one of our other packages, i.e. Gold or Platinum, we will simply charge you the price of a silver package and send out your normal subscription!

What are you waiting for? Subscribe now and start referring!